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Ariel Hansen Strong

As my arts and education career has evolved, my portfolio has grown to span across many mediums. I have a master's degree in Book Art & Creative Writing from Mills College, a program with a large emphasis on printmaking and bookbinding structures, both traditional and contemporary. Throughout my many years creating and instructing Book Art, I grew a tandem interest in ceramics, digital illustration, and more. My current practice exists mainly in ceramics, illustration, and printmaking, and I enjoy exploring ways to blend these mediums in collaboration with one another.

Book Art

Included are just a few samples of my artist books. They are inherently cross-disciplinary - writing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, etc - woven together to create unified pieces. The reasons I love book art are also why I love teaching the medium: book art expands minds because it has no distinct parameters, and asks the creator to consider many important elements such as multiplicity, storytelling, texture, intimacy, repetition, depth, and the relationship between form and content.